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Paper Towels vs. Cloths: Which is the Most Eco-Friendly Option?

Anyone who has ever set foot in the kitchen knows that having a way to clean up the mess is important, so most households always have paper towels in hand. Regardless of its use, some people still rely on linen to be more efficient and of course much more environmentally friendly. 

For some people, splashing is just a part of everyday life, be it cooking for a large family or just handling things in the kitchen. Reusable kitchen paper is most people's preferred method of dealing with these mishaps.

However effective they are, paper towels produce as much waste as practical. They are the easiest to use precisely because they are almost easy to dump many of them on a spill and dispose of, but have tremendous environmental costs because they generate and dispose of up to six million pounds of waste every day, methane that is released when it decomposes. 

The environmental benefit of reusable towels or washcloths is that you can use them over and over again, literally reducing tons of paper waste each year. You've been here before paper towels and it looks like they'll last longer than you can because you can make them from just about any old cloth lying around your house or buy them from recycled materials.

Many people have replaced their paper towels with microfiber towels to keep them clean in an eco-friendly way, but the truth is these towels are made of petroleum-based polymer and every time you wash them it releases microplastics that never degrade when they get them.