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How To Choose Your Desktop Support Provider In Singapore?

Outsourcing your desktop support tasks to an external service provider is certainly a logical business decision in these times of economic recession. Most desktop support providers try to deliver as flawless service as possible to their clients, but undoubtedly, their capabilities vary.

For this reason, it is important to check with your potential service provider before handing them a service contract. This is a great way to ensure that the organization you choose is right for you. You can easily get the best helpdesk support via

1. Ask about support staff qualifications: When contacting a service provider, be sure to inquire about the qualifications of their support team members.

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In order to offer the best service, these organizations must have staff with adequate professional qualifications. Feel free to ask this directly. If they protect this investigation, consider stopping it altogether.

2. Ask about response times: Ask how quickly they can solve your problem. For example, a 4 hour SLA means your issue will be answered within four hours of calling support.

3. Ask for long-term face-to-face contact: Ask if you can do without at least one person to work as a dedicated resource in your system. Even better if the person is a senior executive.

4. Find out about outsourcing to a helpdesk/remote support service: Ask if he has a helpdesk for problems and if he has standard software that can remotely access your servers and network. If the outsourcing provider has a good help desk with technically qualified staff, they will make sure that they can solve your problem from their office.