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Karate Uniforms Are All About Tradition

Karate uniforms, traditionally called "Gi", are designed to facilitate the various types of movements common in martial arts. They are traditional clothes worn by karate students and teachers for generations. They come in a variety of weights and styles, but almost always consist of three main components; a Jacket (kimono), trousers (zubon), and of course a belt (obi).

Wearing a gi is highly recommended when practicing karate. Unlike most other garments, the Gi is designed to withstand significant wear and tear. They are often made of thick cotton fabric, although the weight of the material can vary. You can also Shop Karate Gi online.

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Karate uniforms also come in two main styles, regular cut, and tournament cut. A typical Gi has sleeves and pants that reach the wrist and ankle respectively. In comparison, tournament uniforms are slightly narrower and shorter than the ankles and wrists. This allows students to move freely without worrying about accidentally pinching fingers or tripping over plain, longer gear.

Karate Guy is based on the traditional judo uniform. It is believed to have been adopted by karate practitioners after Master Funakoshi wore it during a demonstration on the orders of Judo Master Kano.

Finally, students should do everything possible to ensure that their Gi is kept in its purest state. Tradition states that uniforms must be kept clean as a sign of respect whenever a student enters the dojo.