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Ultimate Guide to Product Photography for eCommerce

Product photography for eCommerce is one of the most important elements of your online business. In the end, images of your products are the only connection your customers could have to the product they are purchasing and, without them conversion is almost impossible.

Before you plan your product photo strategies and shoots, you must know exactly what type of eCommerce product photoshoot you will need to build a successful online store.

ecommerce product photoshoot

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Here are some main types of product photography categories:

Photographs that are solely focused on products

The most essential type of photography of products for eCommerce is your images that are exclusively for products. These photos are used to sell your products. They provide potential buyers an idea of what they're purchasing they are looking at and usually have white backgrounds. This makes photos that are exclusively focused on products extremely important aspects of an online business.

Lifestyle/Contextual Product Photos

The next most important photo kind can be the personal or context photographs of your products. These images are meant to be a narrative and show the products you sell that are being used or worn. Furthermore, they don't simply give a sense of humor to your products, but they communicate directly to your intended audience.

Social Media Product Photography for eCommerce

Contrary to the product photography for eCommerce professionals that we talked about, Social media content allows you the best freedom to be creative. This is the time to experiment with backgrounds and pictures of life, or even show how the products are utilized.