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Should Your Headshot Photographer Care About The Outcome Of Your Shoot?

I'm sure there are actors out there who shoot with big egos who are very busy or don't have to worry about the flow of customers because they are considered "great headshot photographers" and customers will keep coming and coming. There may be photographers who know nothing else. 

Not so many, of course, but they are always improving, thanks in large part to the presence of fantastic modern cameras that do all the technology for you. Oftentimes, these "new age" photographers don't have all the skills to be a good head-up photographer – they just point and press and let the camera do all the work.

The bottom line is, as lead photographers, are we interested in what happens to our clients after they leave the studio? If we mind if the headshots we provide are really useful for their careers, if our headshots make it easy for them to get started, you'll help them through the selection process from the start to the audition stage. I think you should.

Headshots and auditions

Of course, once they come to the audition they have to show off their acting skills and in the end, the time they get depends on their listening skills, but for many clients, they won't even get close to that stage without a good chance to get on stage. head behind the casting director's supervision.

We should be concerned with purely professional duties, but more importantly, we need to be morally concerned about timing or not, whether we are the right photos for clients, advice and time working for them as actors. I don't like to think of one of my clients who is told all the time that "their shot in the head is rubbish" or "their shot didn't turn out well" or "it's not you."