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Learn More About NDIS Service Providers

The eligibility of a person depends on their impairment. The NDIS is for people who suffer from an ongoing, lifelong disability that severely affects their physical, mental and cognitive, sensory, neurological or social functioning. The applicant must be aged between the ages of 7 and 65 and reside in Australia.

For a more precise picture about your eligibility to receive assistance through the NDIS You can go to the NDIS website to learn more about eligibility criteria. You can also submit the Access Request.

To find a NDIS Service Provider, visit OnTrack Tasmania or you can also look through more than 9,000 profiles online. Each employee has their own photo along with information about their education, experience available, their background as well as the languages they speak and their personality traits.  The fact that they are online helps you to keep costs low, which means the savings are passed along to you.

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How can you tell the differences between non-registered and the registered NDIS providers?

The first thing to be aware of is that "registered" and "unregistered" do not relate to the professionalism of a provider or the quality of service you'll get.

The process of becoming NDIS registered is expensive and time-consuming. Consequently, some private companies and smaller organizations simply decide not to sign up.

All support staff who are independent who are part of the Mable platform undergo references and police checks. They are covered by an extensive set of insurances. They aren't registered with the NDIS However, as previously mentioned the only circumstance in which you require an NDIS-registered support worker is when you have NDIS funding administered through the NDIA.