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Hospital Room Divider Screens For Patient Hygiene

Hospital room dividers are in high demand. Hospitals have created solutions to address these safety concerns for the patient, clinics, and individual doctors, in order to ensure that they adhere to constantly changing regulations in order to better serve.

Medical screens are made from high-quality materials such as powder-coated steel and gloss-coated aluminum. They are non-porous to prevent bacteria or viruses from settling and minimize cross-contamination and infection transfer when being moved around. You can find many more results for hospital screen dividers online.

Medical screens can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional fabric medical partitions and curtain screens. Although they are made with antimicrobial properties in the weave, these properties can eventually degrade and allow bacteria to spread.

Ward drapes and curtains require frequent laundering and washing, which can increase the overall cost. Perspex(r), and metal medical screens provide a long-lasting, cost-effective solution that will last.

Our medical screens are safe and hygienic, and they can also be a practical and flexible investment. These medical screens are made with non-marking, lockable castor wheels that can be moved around easily and fixed in the place they are most needed. 

Mobile screens allow for greater flexibility in hospital wards. They aren't constrained by ceiling tracks such as curtains or wall-mounted retractable medical screening. Our concertina folding medical screen can be folded up easily and stored away to take up less floor space.