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What You Should Know About the Different Types of Dental Fillings

Over time, bacteria and plaques can cause decay in our teeth. If it is not treated, the decay can cause gum disease, poor breath, and other serious health problems inside and outside our mouths. This event is known as a cavity, and your dentist will be able to judge and treat all types of cavities with something called charging.

The first teeth numb, and then your dentist will drill the teeth to eliminate all signs of decay. You can consider the best dental fillings at  After that, the cavity is left open from the deletion of Decay will be filled. There are many types of teeth patches, according to different situations.

Dentists currently use composite to fill the cavity, mostly because they are available in natural color varieties. Composite provides good bonds for teeth that can support teeth for long-term use. Composite can also be used to repair teeth crack or broken, but some dentists feel they do not have other dental stuffing.

Ceramics are widely used by dentists because they are the most resistant stains, look natural and long term. Keep in mind, this type of charging can cost gold. Glass, or acrylic, can be offered to you if you’re charging falls below the gum line.

This type of charging is also recommended for small children because it releases fluoride into the gum line that can further strengthen and protect the teeth and gums. Acrylic does not last during other options, and I have to be replaced or repaired after five years.