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What Do You Mean by Heartburn Anyway?

No matter what it is called, either indigestion, dyspepsia, or simply heartburn, the outcome will be the same: a burning in the chest and throat. It practically feels as though the heart is actually burning. However, it does happen in almost all cases. 

Nearly 42 percent of Americans experience heartburn at some point in their lives. Ten percent suffer from it every week. Although it is a very common problem, the fact is that stomach acid is rising is not a cause for concern.

Heartburn might also try to make us feel sick and bloated. We have problems swallowing, can't get to sleep given that we feel far worse if we lie down. Because we don't know what's going to cause of heartburn, we are unable to enjoy what we eat. It is horrible. 

Gastric reflux is the cause of heartburn. This is caused by acid from the stomach climbing up into the esophagus. It can be a sign that someone has a serious heart condition.

It is responsible for holding food in the stomach once it arrives. If the valve is not functioning properly or becomes loose, the food we have eaten, along with acid from the stomach, can return up to the esophagus, creating the heartburn we all know and hate.