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Ways To Advertise Your Event Planning Business

You can only grow your business by finding new ways to promote your event planning business. It will fail to grow without new customers. There are many ways to effectively promote your event planning business.

Online Advertising and Event Planning:

Online advertising is another great way to promote your event planning business. Pay-per-click advertising, as well as search engine optimization, are excellent ways to boost your online visibility. You will need to ensure that your event planning company has an established online presence, as most people searching for event planners will go to the Internet to find one. 

When people or companies search online for event planners, they will find your business and contact you. You can also promote your business at so as to give a good boost for the success of your business.

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Word of mouth:

You will likely have a small advertising budget when you first start a career. You can circumvent this limitation by asking your family and friends to share your event planning business with their networks. You will be able to contact your friends and family if they need a planner. You can print out some calling cards and give them to your family members so that they can pass them on to anyone who might need them. 


Asking for referrals is another great way to promote your business. This is a different advertising strategy than asking friends and family for help in spreading the word about your company. You will ask your existing clients to refer your business to you. If you are a great party planner, ask your clients to refer you to any other event planner they know. Referrals can bring you a lot of business, so ask your clients.