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Unclogging Your Clogged Toilet Drain – Is It Really Difficult?

Few things in this world will make you more bored and very uncomfortable than a clogged toilet drain.

The things that will reduce leakage are huge and may include non-biodegradable substances such as plastics, stone, metal, rubber etc and biodegradable substances like paper and cardboard, wood etc. but they will eat up much more and quickly.

Although some cases can be solved using relatively simple techniques, others require more specialized skills. You can also hire underground utilities contractor in Los Angeles at

Here, let's discuss how to use simple techniques to clean clogged gutters at home without enlisting the help of a professional plumber.

Tip: never use the water in the toilet if it's clogged. Even a single flush can fill the toilet bowl and spill the washing water in your bathroom, creating a big, dirty mess.

Boil water with detergent

The first and easiest way to clog the drain of your toilet is to use boiling water with a detergent that will create enough foam.

While detergents reduce the external burden on water, make it flow easier and evaporate more efficiently, hot water loosens blockages and helps open them up.

Hydrochloric acid and hot water

If the combination of hot water and detergent doesn't work, use hydrochloric acid and hot water. Mix 1 part acid in about 30 parts hot water – always pour the acid into the water, not the other way around – and pour it down a clogged toilet.