The Two Sides Of Patio Awnings

When you have placed wonderful patio furniture in your garden or laws, they must be protected. But why not go for something that will not only protect your patio furniture but will give a stylish look and add to the entire dcor. Patio awnings do exactly this. Patio awnings have become so popular that they are not only used for patio furniture but as a natural shade for windows, shops and garages.

There are different types of patio awnings available in the market in terms of design and make but they are broadly classified in two categories in terms of functionality and mechanism.

Fixed patio awnings: if you wish to go for fixed patio awnings then you will have to find a permanent or semi-permanent structure that can be used as the support for awning a canvas overhang. If you have identified the right support than the patio awnings shall stay there for the entire season and you will not have to worry about moving it every now and then. Fixed patio awnings are less expensive because the mechanism costs nothing in this. You just need the covering material and the support is also pre-existing. Once fixed patio awnings are fixed, you need to keep it clean on regular basis because debris will accumulate over it gradually.

Retractable patio awnings: the more expensive type but you can ignore this fact since, awnings are there to stay for long and in most probability, you will get bored of them before they actually break or get damaged. This kind of patio awnings makes use of a mechanical system that will roll up the canvas overhang. This practice protects the canvas from fading and tearing when not in use. The retractable patio awnings also give you the liberty to choose the extent of opening. You can simply open half of it if you think that serves the purpose. They are either operated manually or powered by electricity for the movement. Retractable patio awnings become a good choice if the weather conditions are extreme in your area. Meaning, you can quickly close them in case of heavy rain or snowfall or heavy winds.

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