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The End Of Stainless Steel: What’s The Future For Kitchen Cooking?

As we continue to rely more and more on technology in our homes, readers may find themselves wondering what the future of cooking could hold. This article looks at the benefits of "Mediterranean" Kitchen cooking methods such as cooking with charcoal, a wood fire oven, or boiling pasta over a campfire. You can also navigate this website for detailed information on restaurant and kitchen equipment.

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What's in the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is a popular dietary pattern that has been found to be beneficial for both physical and mental health. The diet consists of a variety of plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and moderate amounts of dairy products. 

Here are some of the key features of the Mediterranean diet that may make it beneficial:

1. It is high in fiber. 

2. It is low in saturated fat.

3. It is low in cholesterol. 

4. It is high in antioxidants. 

What are some common Mediterranean dishes that use less or no stainless steel?

  • One of the most popular Mediterranean dishes using less or no stainless steel is falafel. 
  • Additionally, some restaurants may choose to serve falafel without any toppings or sauces, meaning that less stainless steel is needed to make the dish. 


With the rise of LED technology and other major kitchen appliances that are now available with electric induction cooking, it's clear that stainless steel kitchen appliances are on their way out. In fact, many experts believe that stainless steel is a liability in the modern kitchen, as it doesn't heat evenly or cook food properly. If you're thinking about upgrading your kitchen appliances soon, I recommend looking into some of the newer options available that use electric induction cooking instead of stainless steel.