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Everything About Spanish Wine

Spain is considered to be one of the largest wine producers in the world. According to statistics, Spain is the third-largest wine producer in the world, the largest being Italy and France.

There is a large area dedicated to wine produced in Spain, but due to poor soil and long distances between plants, production is low. You can also buy spanish wine via

Wine in Spain

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More than six hundred grape varieties are grown in Spain for wine production, but most wines are made from the twenty main grape varieties. This production accounts for almost eighty percent of the total wine production in Spain.

In the end, it remains the third-largest wine producer. The reason, apart from the above, is the dry climate in the country. Only a third of production is exported. The good news is that this ratio continues to grow.

One of the most famous wines. Apart from this place, it is also made from grapes grown in Navarre and Basque. One important thing about Rioja wines is that they are made of oak.

The third variety is known as Rioja Reserva and this particular grape is aged for a minimum of three years with one year in oak barrels. The last and oldest is called Rioja Gran Reserva. At least two years in oak barrels and at least three years in bottles.