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The Art Of Roof Cleaning For Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Cleaning asphalt shingle roofs is a relatively recent segment that several pressure washing firms have begun to recognize. Cleaning asphalt roofs is simple once you've educated yourself on the way roofs are put up as well as the possible issues and scenarios to avoid, as well as the kinds of stains to eliminate. 

Many pressure washing firms who begin cleaning roofs find that there is a significant amount of skill and technique required to clean roofs. Any company that is involved in roof cleaning needs to be aware of the way roofing systems are put in place.

Inexperience in understanding roofing installation techniques can lead to the damage of thousands of dollars from a pressure cleaning contractor. 

It is crucial that the pressure washer utilize a very low pressure to prevent damaging the shingles and also that the roof is checked prior to the start of the task. Keep in mind that the majority of pressure washing equipment used for roofing cleaning employs a minimum of 4 GPM and even 10- GPM!. 

Most roofing materials are set over the top layer of felt paper and, in some instances, use a rubber-like ice protection material. The initial roof shingles layer is referred to as the starter course. It is placed at the bottom of the roofing, with the top side facing down. 

Some manufacturers recommend mixing TSP with Bleach to rid the fungus. Others suggest using a sodium hydroxide cleaner instead. Whatever cleaner you choose to use for cleaning roofing, you must consult the roofing manufacturer to make sure that it meets their standards.