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Selection Process For Hiring Employees

According to research, if a company gets a bad lease, it costs between 2 and 5 times the annual salary. Cost issues are further complicated by moral issues, when new people arrive and don't integrate well into the team, it adds extra stress and annoyance to productive employees. You can find more information about the selection process of employees via

Recruitment and selection employees

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Therefore, the recruitment and selection process is very important to ensure this does not happen. In our practice of finding managers, we recommend a 7-stage recruitment and selection process. Every company, regardless of size, needs to have elements for every step of the hiring process.

The depth of the process depends on the resources, of course, but paying attention to each element offers a better chance of creating and selecting better employees.

This checklist serves as a check to see if you have any gaps in your overall process. Here are 7 steps;

  1. Document & Needs Analysis
  2. Create Recruitment Plan
  3. Define available resources for finding candidates
  4. Screen Candidates
  5. Interview
  6. Select
  7. Hire

The necessity of 7 Steps

It's important to break down the hiring and hiring process into 7 steps to focus on the key elements of each hire. Each step determines the next step. For example, if the screening process does not produce high-quality interview candidates, interview time will be wasted.

When there is no selection process, hiring managers end up using their instincts and hiring the wrong people. Taking each of these steps into account ensures that your process results in productive and productive employees for your company.