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Embedding Product-Line Engineering in Software Product Development

In the recent years, the software product-line engineering has gained unprecedented growth. There are organizations that apply the same methodology with great success for expansion of their software portfolios, increase their returns, improve the quality of the software and shorten their time to market.

The term "software product-line development" can be defined as the engineering methods, techniques and tools to create a collection of software systems from a "shared set of software assets and using a common platform for production."

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What Is Product Development Definition & Examples

The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute connotes the term as a set of intensive systems that share common attributes that satisfies the need of particular segments of the market. Product Development Companies develop the software-system from a common set of core assets in a prearranged way.

Most software manufactures create applications with certain common attributes or components. Either they have the same architecture or platform, or some support the same industrial sector. These common factors need to be managed efficaciously so that the organization can accomplish highest economy of scale. Basically designed to manage these products, the common features were devised to maximize the benefits to the organization. These attributes are then integrated within the core assets that are reusable and can be any one of the following:

• A framework

• A library

• A component

• A tool

• An execution platform

Each of the above-mentioned core assets share a common infrastructure, which exists in all products of the product line. With each of these assets, a process is attached along with an optimal procedure of using the asset as to develop the product in the product lines. The design documentations and other test cases are appended with it to direct its usability in the product.

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How to Choose an Offshore Dedicated Software Product Development Center in Ontario

Looking to shorten your software product development cost, time; select the best offshore outsourcing company which manages your software development part with their dedicated research and development team of software engineers who are provided with hi-tech hardware, software, and communication support to develop just as per your specs or idea while keeping the budget and time under control.

Most of the offshore outsourcing work has been completed which suites every time zone, so as a customer you don't have to be anxious about the time zones differences and upsetting the performance of your software product development project and subsequent reports. Here are some points to support how to choose the best offshore offshore product development companies.

Stage Gate Process

– Know your development partner, their process and their resources (key team)

– Product development/working plan should be made first in advance.

– Communication plan should be there at first place

– Get friendly with key contacts of your offshore partner company, create trust.

– Insist on weekly or daily meeting with your team/hired resources and keep track of project

– Last but not the least: Collaborate with the right approach and strategic size vendor/development partner.

The companies from the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia outsourcing their core software product development work to India which results in huge cost savings in terms of time and money. Enterprise Software product development cost is one of the important factors for customers. So vendors or providers bill their customers according to the engagement model selected by the customer.

If a fixed time engagement model has been selected then the project will be executed and completed as per the fixed budget timeline, cost, and payments made accordingly.

Most of the offshore product development center in India does not bind any person or organization who wants to outsource the software product development with unconditional bonds. They are offering very much flexible options that allow them to customize their offshore outsourcing needs as per their budget.