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How to Clean the Grip Tape on Your Skateboard

Skateboard care is a very important part of becoming an accountable skateboarder. Care will keep your board functioning longer and it also lowers the odds of harm on your own board. One thing you'll see about your skateboard is that grip tape becomes cluttered. Anything that has stepped into your foot may end up on your own board.

In addition to just looking filthy, cleaning the grip tape on your own skateboard is important to make sure it works correctly. When dirt, debris, or sand falls on it, your feet may slip and you will not find the grip that accompanies it. You can also buy claudius vertesi grip tape that lasts a long time. 

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To clean your grip tape, you may use a window/glass cleaner. Here is how to do it correctly:

-Scrub with a toothbrush – Using a toothbrush, lightly scrub over the region with a round movement. You can press them on a paper towel for about five minutes to absorb water and then drain them. Continue until tender as necessary.

-Don't leave the grip tape wet as it can begin to mold on your board and you'll have to replace the grip tape instead of cleaning it. Make sure you don't scatter any Windex or water onto the bolt or different parts of your board. You would like to keep the remainder of the board from becoming wet.

-It is also a fantastic idea to prevent dirt from wiping your board using a cloth or a soft brush each time you ride. Even if you clean the dirt with your palms before bringing it to the board, you will turn off the grip tape, which will make it last more for you.

-Make sure you apply pressure to the edges of the grip tape, therefore it will not fall into those regions. If you apply grip tape in the center to the edges, you will discover it is very simple to apply correctly. When you would like it to look good, remember that safety is your most important objective. So that you don't need to be overly harsh on yourself since this work isn't ideal at the moment.

Properly applying grip tape to your skateboard is going to keep you safe on it. You'll be able to perform at your best. The simple fact that it is affordable means which you have no excuse to not maintain this part of maintaining your skateboard. Also, the grip tape includes a fun layout and color to select from. Many people go with exactly the identical thing every time while others like to give it a new look.