The Two Sides Of Patio Awnings

When you have placed wonderful patio furniture in your garden or laws, they must be protected. But why not go for something that will not only protect your patio furniture but will give a stylish look and add to the entire dcor. Patio awnings do exactly this. Patio awnings have become so popular that they… Read more »

Use Lawn Ornaments to Beautify Your Patio

Patios can be boring or they can be full of life and color.  If you want your patio full of life and color consider using an assortment of lawn ornaments to get the job done.  And I don’t mean stuff it full of different colored garden statues, garden planters and decorative bird houses.  This can… Read more »

Patio Swings for style and relaxation

Patio swings are enjoyable pieces of patio furnishings that can be used within the garden or on the deck. A patio swing is the right place for having fun with an e book on a lazy day or watching the solar set. If hammocks are your thing, don’t let a small yard or immature trees… Read more »

Geraniums, Colorful, Scented Flowering Shrubs for Containers or Patio Gardens

Geraniums are a beautiful garden plant, known for bright red or hot pink flowers.  This plant has the Latin name Pelargonium and the common name Geranium.  Pelargonium hortorum are also called Common Garden Geraniums.  They are perennial plants which grow up to 3 feet tall (or more) and have a shrubby habit.  The round, slightly… Read more »

Patio Heaters And Their Alternatives

These days, most homeowners want to construct a patio in their gardens or yards to enhance the attractiveness and comfort of their homes. During summer days, it is the best place in the home to relax, entertain friends and spend time with your family. If you put a heater in the patio, you can use… Read more »

Patio Tables in our School by PatioFurnitureMax.Com

Garden, lawn or patio, whatever you may want to call it, is one of the favorite hang outs in every place.  You can do a lot of activities in this area.  At home, you can have barbeque party, Sunday lunch with family and lot more.  In other places like school, you can enjoy staying in… Read more »

Excellent Ideas To Help Enhance The Of Your Garden Or Patio Area

Plants Plants Plants It’s a no brainer that we need to have some plants. After all, a garden without them is just a yard. So take a creative look at the garden and imagine plant additions that will make your garden more beautiful. Consider some trees. Trees are a great addition to any garden. They… Read more »