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Do Non-Alcoholic Wines Contain Sugar?

Non-alcoholic wines are becoming increasingly popular, but many people may not be aware that some non-alcoholic wines contain sugar. In fact, sugar can be a common additive in non-alcoholic wines in order to balance out the sweetness and acidity of the wine. Non-alcoholic wines are becoming increasingly popular among adults, but they’ve long been appreciated by youths as well. There are many reasons for this shift: first and foremost, many people are moving away from alcohol altogether.

Are non-alcoholic wines better than regular wine?

Since they're made without alcohol, non-alcoholic wines tend to be sweeter and less acidic than a full-bodied red wine. Non-alcoholic wine recipes are also a cinch to make at home, unlike red wines that require extensive aging in oak barrels. 

What's the difference between red wine and white wine?

Red varieties come from the grape variety called Cabernet Sauvignon while white varieties come from the grape variety called Chardonnay. Red grapes tend to be more fruity, with emphasis on cherry, plum or blackberry flavors, while white grapes tend to have more floral flavors, with emphasis on lemon and apple. 

While sugar is not necessarily bad for you, it can add unwanted calories and sugar grams to your diet. If you're looking for a low-calorie wine option, consider choosing an unsweetened version.