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Who Needs Fulfillment Kitting Services?

Kitting and assembly service refers to the act of assembling various parts of the items then assembling them into semi-finished products, and then transporting them to the production process to assemble them into finished products. The process of kitting and assembly includes items collecting, assembly, packaging, inspection, and delivery.  

Kitting is the action of collecting, packaging, and shipping products. A fulfillment kitting service automates the inventory management process for a business, handling their products and ensuring that this portion of the sales process is completely covered. Outsourcing kitting assembly and fulfillment to a company like is the most efficient way for eCommerce businesses to scale and keep down costs!

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When partnering with a fulfillment kitting service, you’ll send your stock to a designated warehouse.

If you are a business that manages lots of individual stock pieces, then a fulfillment kitting service can radically help out your business. Alongside this, if you offer a subscription-based service or one where your customers will be picking and choosing from a large range of products, then kitting will streamline the process. Subscription box fulfillment companies use product kitting fulfillment services to ensure their products are shipped and delivered quickly and efficiently.

Instead of having thousands of individually packaged stock pieces in your home, or renting a warehouse, the fulfillment centers will be able to manage your stock 24/7.