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What Is The iPhone Repair Process?

The iPhone Repair Process is fairly simple and requires no special tools or expertise. Most of the time, you can take your device to a local repair shop and have it fixed in a few hours or days. 

If you want to do mobile phone shield repair yourself, there are a few things you'll need before starting:

-An iPhone or iPod with a broken screen

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-A Phillips head screwdriver

-A small flathead screwdriver

-Wire cutters or a knife

-A bottle of clear adhesive (optional)

Remove the battery and SIM card if you have a cracked screen. If not, leave them in place. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws that hold the rear panel of your iPhone or iPod touch in place. You may need to use the wire cutters to cut the cable that connects the LCD screen to its frame if it is still connected. 

Slide the rear panel off of your device. Be sure to save any cables that came loose during removal; you will need them later.  Locate the logic board on the left side of your device. 

Some iPhone glass repairs can be done at home using simple tools like a hot glue gun and some Gorilla Glue. However, if the glass is broken beyond repair or if the crack is deep, you will likely need to send your phone for repair.