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Explore Amazing Tent Rentals For Your Wedding

What type of tent do you want to rent? Many people are confused when renting tents. Canopies can be rented from either the tent rental company or the party supply. These packages can be based on the number of guests attending your wedding and any other requirements.

There are many options for wedding tents, from simple to elegant. You simply need to find a wedding tent rental in Wisconsin that suits your theme. Your rental company will have some suggestions. Choose canopies that have enough space. Make sure that everything fits within the canopy. 

Many types of canopies available can be used for different events, such as weddings:

1. Rent a high peaked frame tent

These tents are great for small-scale weddings. These tents are available in three sizes: 10', 15’ and 20'. These tents are freestanding and have no support poles. The tents are visually striking from both an exterior and interior perspective. 

2. Traditional frame tent rentals

These tents are most popular for backyard events. These tents are freestanding and do not require any interior poles. These tents can be adjusted in height. To accommodate slight elevation changes, you can adjust the leg heights. 

3. High-peaked tension canopies

These canopies are the best for backyard parties or weddings. These tent tops are visually striking from both an interior and exterior perspective. Tent tops can only be purchased in white. These canopies cannot be installed using weights.