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3 Reasons Poly Bags Will Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Poly mailers have enhanced the packaging industry. This lightweight, waterproof and economical packaging option is now the modern way to ship and protect your shipping products.

Companies have switched for a variety of reasons, each with its own motives and goals. However, there are several reasons for which they give preference to custom poly mailers.

Brand Marketing

Poly mailers can be completely personalized and used as a marketing platform for your brand. This is a great opportunity to distinguish your brand from other companies as many companies still use plain plastic bags or large cardboard boxes that do not add brand value.

Better packaging

Since the poly mailer is customized for your product, the packaging will fit much better than a standard-size cardboard box. You can also eliminate the cost of filler or foam to fill the empty space in the box. While you're at it, why not get rid of the packing tape too. Since most plastic bags have self-adhesive, this is no longer necessary.

Green Initiative

Most plastic mail is made of LDPE or low-density polyethylene. You can see a small recycling triangle with the number four "4" in the center. This means that with the right process, these plastic bags are 100% recyclable.

With this environmental option, your company can put green initiatives in your pocket, websites, products, etc.