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How To Make Custom T-Shirts?

You have many options for creating custom t-shirts. Iron-on transfers are one way to create custom t-shirts. These transfers are easy to use, and you can even print them yourself. Iron-on transfers for custom t-shirts can be problematic because they tend to fade quickly once the shirt is washed. 

Iron-on transfers are often very expensive and will eventually crack. You can also buy the best quality customized T-shirts via

Silk screening is the process of making custom t-shirts from silk and other fabrics. These shirts look more professional and last longer. However, silk screening used to be expensive. If you wanted to have custom t-shirts made, you would need to order large quantities. 

The silk-screening press was difficult to set up, so there were usually large quantities for such orders.

You can use computers to screen silk shirts. It is now possible to print custom t-shirts at a lower cost for individuals or small businesses without placing large orders.

A website will give you the ability to design your custom t-shirt and also allow you to view the results by making it interactive. This will give you a clear idea of where to place your artwork and slogans, and allow you to experiment with different fonts and sizes.

 You will be able to see the custom t-shirts displayed on the screen so you can plan what to do when it arrives at your house.