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How To Buy Best Perfume

It can be difficult to make a purchase of perfume, especially if you are buying it for a friend or loved one. Different people have different preferences in perfume. Each fragrance will have a different effect on different skin types. Before you buy perfume, do your research thoroughly and test it out before making a final decision.

There are many brands of perfumes and thousands of scents on the market today.  You can then go to a department store and try it out on your skin. You can easily buy the mini perfume at

Test and Trial Perfume

You can either spray the perfume blotters directly on your skin, or you can use a direct application. If you use only one method, there are both advantages and disadvantages to each.

You can test the fragrance on your skin to determine how it smells. However, you shouldn't experiment with too many perfumes. The perfumes you use after the first one won't mix and you won’t get the right scent.

By testing on the fragrance blotters, you can spray on different cards and write the name of that fragrance at the back of those cards. But this method of testing won't give you exactly how it smells on your skin either.