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Why A Strategic Plan Is Important

As consultants, we work with companies in a variety of industries as well as with non-profit organizations. In reviewing the effectiveness of these organizations, it is interesting to note that companies operating at the highest levels tend to have formalized strategic plans.

On the other hand, troubled companies usually have no plans and appear slow in trying to succeed. Many companies that successfully execute their strategic plans use a simplified strategic planning process to create and execute those plans faster and more efficiently. 

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A simple and fast development approach helps a lot in developing and implementing a sound strategic plan. For a company to be successful, there must be a road map to success. 

Developing a stable business strategy is the result of a strategic planning process. The main mistake that businesses large and small make is deciding on a critical business strategy without going through this process. 

A strategic plan helps orient and focus all employees. It defines the specific results to be achieved and establishes actions to achieve them.  Strategic plans help various work units in the organization align themselves with common goals. 

But perhaps most importantly, the strategic planning process provides the necessary framework for managers, owners, and entrepreneurs to develop a solid business strategy.

The strategic plan development process should benefit everyone involved and usually helps develop stronger communication between members of the planning team.