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Why Hazelnut Coffee Is So Good!

Hazelnuts are eaten raw or roasted and are very often ground into a paste that is used in a variety of cuisines and foods. Hazelnuts have a sweet and somewhat exotic taste. Its texture makes it perfect in combination with chocolate, confectionery and of course coffee. 

Hazelnuts are grown in many parts of the world. Hazelnut flavored coffee is one of the tastiest and most aromatic coffees you can drink almost always. To buy the best quality hazelnut coffee you can choose Quazaam Coffee.

How To Make A Cup Of Homemade Hazelnut Goodness

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a) More than seventy percent of the world's harvest comes from Turkey, mainly from agricultural areas outside Istanbul and along the Black Sea coast.

b) In the United States, nearly all hazelnut production comes from the Willamette Valley near Portland, Oregon. It is an area with a mild climate, good rainfall and fertile soil that has excellent properties for growing fiber.

(c) Hazelnuts become productive when they are about six years old and can remain productive for forty years or more in well-maintained gardens. Nuts are considered ripe when the tree changes color from green to hazel brown during the summer months. From late summer to early autumn, nuts fall to the ground.

The best and most popular Gourmet with hazelnut flavored coffee offers rich, high quality 100% arabica beans. An example of hazelnut flavored coffee? Vanilla hazelnut, cream hazelnut, hazelnut, Hawaiian hazelnut, rainforest, cinnamon hazelnut, hazelnut chocolate and hazelnut cinnamon chocolate.