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Check Out the Economic and Ecological Benefits of LED Floodlights

The LED light source is the best choice for lighting your garden. You can look for the best RGB floodlights at Color Lighting by LIGMAN. To prove the assertion that led floodlights are the best below is a comparison of traditional floodlights and LED floodlights. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Lighting

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We'll first examine some financial benchmarks:-

A typical 150-watt floodlight over one year requires 383.5 Kilowatt-hours.

To run a 150-watt equivalent LED flood light uses 20.4 kilowatt-hours.

The annual cost for operating a 150-watt traditional floodlight would be PS49.85.

A typical 150-watt floodlight over a year consumes exactly the same energy that is required to make 41 hot beverages per day.

A typical 150-watt floodlight over a year requires about the same energy as running 6.3 loads of wash in your wash.

Here are some CO2 comparisons:-

The CO2 emissions per year from the operation of a 150-watt traditional floodlight over the course of a year is at 164kg.

The annual CO2 emissions of running a 150-watt equivalent LED floodlight over an entire year are 8kg.

A 150-watt traditional floodlight for the year equals CO2 emissions to 683 miles of driving in your vehicle.

The equivalent of a 150-watt LED floodlight over the course of a year will produce the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to driving for 36 miles in your vehicle.

Security lighting is crucial and the numbers above do more than confirm our claim that LED floodlights are the best option.