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All About Infrared Heater

Do you need additional heating to complement your central heating system? Sometimes it doesn't make sense to heat an entire house just to be able to heat one room. Infrared heating is a good option.

Learn more about the advantages of Cat infrared heaters over other heaters.

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Infrared heating efficiency

The heater works by heating the air in the room. The air warms the room. Not only does this waste energy heating the air, but you also don't feel the heat from the heater once it's turned on. It takes a few minutes to heat the room. Infrared heaters are different. Infrared heaters do not heat air, they heat objects directly in their path. The heater directly heats the people living in the area, not the air.

Infrared heaters are very efficient because of this principle. The heater should not be turned on half an hour before heating the room. The warmth can be felt immediately.

Many people worry that infrared heaters are unsafe. You don't have to worry. Modern infrared heaters are equipped with a protective sleeve that covers the heating element. This layer usually consists of metals such as aluminum or brass, copper, iron, or stainless steel. Infrared heating does not pose a fire hazard when the curtains are removed. Most models of safe houses. However, children should not use the heater.