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Everything You Have to Learn about Breast Lift Surgery

Breasts of women undergo a variety of changes as they progress through different phases of life, in terms of size and firmness. They also change shape. As time passes, various circumstances like pregnancies, breastfeeding, and the forces of gravity may alter the breasts of women. 

As your skin loses elasticity, your breasts become less shaped as well as firm and then start to shrink. Breast lift surgery, also known by the name of Mastopexy as it is medically referred to, involves a procedure performed surgically to improve the shape or lift of the breasts that are sagging. 

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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy): Prep and Recovery

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The surgery may also assist in decreasing the area of the areola i.e. the skin with darker patches around the Nipples.

If you're planning to undergo breast lift surgery in India This is the complete list of factors you need to consider prior to making the final decision.

Who is the most suitable candidate for breast lift surgery?

The most suitable candidates for breast lift surgery are those who are fit as well as emotionally secure. The best results from mastopexy happen in women who have smaller and flabby breasts. 

But, the procedure is a possibility for women with large breasts too, however, the result may not last for as long. The majority of candidates for this procedure are women whose breasts were stretched and have less volume because of pregnancy or nursing.