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Using Anti-Wrinkle Injections To Erase Motion-Related Creases

Dynamic wrinkles are among the very earliest signs of facial aging. These tiny lines and creases first appear around the eyes, at the middle of the brow, and around the lips. One of the most notable characteristics of dynamic wrinkles is their ability to disappear as soon as the facial muscles are relaxed. 

These creases are generally only appearing whenever people are smiling, frowning, visibly perplexed, or making other facial movements. They are caused by a gradual build-up of muscle tension, and a number of resulting cracks in the layer of collagen that supports the skin. If you are also one of them that are in search of a good salon for the treatment of your wrinkles, then you can fix your appointment with the professionals in Bridgend to get the safe and best anti-wrinkle injections.

When the muscles are engaged, these cracks become apparent at the surface layers as wrinkles. When the muscles are relaxed, both the collagen layer and the surface skin lie smooth.

The effects of most injectable treatments last up to four months. During this time, the nerve signals controlling select facial muscles will be blocked so that normal movements cease.

Given that only very small amounts of these solutions are inserted during these treatments, patients will still be able to make an impressive number of very natural-looking facial expressions. 

After several months have passed, the effects of the injectable will wear off, regular nerve and muscle functioning will return, and dynamic wrinkles will likely begin to reappear. Patients who like the improvements gained from these injectables can always have our providers repeat their treatments as needed.