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Some Of The Many Benefits Of SUP Yoga

The rowing board (SUP) has opened new doors for training by combining rowing and yoga. Both are fantastic exercises, but together it's a win-win situation. It's not complicated; it's just doing yoga on a water paddle, not on a yoga mat. 

Exercise does help, of course, but it's not always fun. However, with SUP Yoga, you can combine two great activities into one enjoyable experience.

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Best of all, you don't need a lot of rowing or yoga experience to get started. However, if you are interested there is a wide variety of courses and routines (streams) for beginners to advanced.

The advantages of SUP yoga

Like studio yoga, SUP yoga helps improve flexibility. However, SUP yoga has the added benefit of increasing your muscle definition and improving your overall muscle tone because you're doing it on the water. Because SUP yoga combines flexibility and strength training, you benefit from complete freedom of movement and added balancing power. 

Increased blood circulation is another big bonus in SUP yoga. Yoga's focus on breathing naturally helps increase blood flow to your body. It also helps reduce stress, which in turn helps you relax.

Yoga improves your balance as you become more experienced with movements and postures. So it's no surprise that SUP yoga is even better. In addition to the benefits of traditional yoga, SUP yoga focuses on the core and stabilizer muscles as the comb stays on the board that is brought into the water during yoga poses.