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Should You Self-Publish Your Book

There are many success stories of those who have persevered and stayed in this industry for long enough. It is true that not everyone succeeds, but it is also true to some degree that it is possible. You can find their success stories online. You can also learn easy tips and tricks on how to get your books self-published and selling.

Self-publishing is possible if you don't give up too quickly. It may not be easy at first, but you might succeed in the end. You may need to work hard if you try it alone. It might take you a while, and you may not be able to achieve the same success as big publishing companies. But, what's the point? If your passion drives you, that's all that you need to get there.

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Passion alone is not enough. Self-publishing is not a viable option. You can't do it all on your own. Sometimes you may need the assistance of experts. Self-publishing isn't easy, but there is something I can still say. It is very exciting. You can make a lot of royalties if you do it correctly. For providing these services, some self-publishing businesses will receive a commission of less than five percent.


1. Your book's price is set by you. You retain most of the profit if any.
3. Your book can be completely customized.
4. Promote the book yourself by spending your own resources.
5. Your books are usually produced according to demand.

If you don't self-publish:

1. The price of your book is not something you decide.
2. The majority of profits are retained by the publishing company.
3. The customization of your book will be determined by the publisher.
4. You can do a lot of the work involved in promoting your book.
5. Your publisher will pay you a lot of money to publish your book and promote it.

Now, you have all the information above. What are your options? Do you want to self-publish? I love writing. I only know that my works will be published whether they are self-published or not.