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Protecting Your Kubernetes Ecosystem with Cloud-Native Data Protection

At present almost every organization has found a way to use public or personal clouds. The container is a technology-friendly cloud environment, so it's not surprising that containers play a key role in organizations that develop the next generation application or develop the process of sending their application. There are some companies like Kubevious that provide the best Kubernetes storage services.

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Apart from their extensive adoption, the application managed by containers and modern KuboNet causes some unique privacy challenges.

In an independent study, ESG Lab checks Trailio data protection solutions in Cloud, Triliovault for Kubernetes (TVK), with a comprehensive technical overview of the deployment process and management capabilities, including the Red Hat Triliovault OpenShift and Triliovault Integration Assessment for the Kubernetes Management Console.

Organizations usually take two approaches to Kubernetes data protection – both have their weaknesses. Custom scripts can provide backup and recovery, but they need a lot of care. Traditional data protection solutions focus on the tools and storage themselves.

In this independent report, ESG Labs revealed three main components lost in a typical local cloud data approach:

  1. Open, Universal Backup Scheme

  2. Collect Application Data and Metadata

  3. Limitless scalability

  4. ESG Labs explained: "Backing up and recovering data and applications in the Cloud Hybrid environment today is an important requirement for the company." They confirm that TriTiovault for Kubertnetes is best ready to complete the work.