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Garden, lawn or patio, whatever you may want to call it, is one of the favorite hang outs in every place.  You can do a lot of activities in this area.  At home, you can have barbeque party, Sunday lunch with family and lot more.  In other places like school, you can enjoy staying in the patio chit chatting with friends or spend time with your friends and classmates to stay and do your homework or project on top of patio tables.  In fact this is really the head quarter of many students during class breaks and even before going home.

The patio tables in our school are the eyes and ears of the wonderful moments my classmates and I spent.  Whenever the class break comes, all of us are running and excited to go to the campus patio and take out our snacks or lunch.  A time to spend together eating on the patio tables is always being waited for.  During those times, we spend together doing our assignments, spreading all our notes and books on top of the patio tables.  We even sometime take a little more time together sharing secrets with the patio tables as our witnesses while waiting for the school bus.  

There are many patio tables in the campus patio.  Most of these are made of concrete materials to probably stand out for the sturdiness these may require to have long life span.  There are also tables in the patio that are made of plastics but durable ones.  These were all matched with patio umbrellas which make it better to be the best place to stay all school year round.

Believe it or not, our group had even identified one patio table under a big tree exclusively for our own use.  Other students really give way whenever our group is already coming.  They know that, same patio table is our favorite place to do our assignments, share thoughts and have some chit chatting on what happened on our day to day life.  We also stay there longer to do our school projects.  We meet there whenever there is a need to do so even during days without class.  Whatever it may be, that is our favorite table among the different patio tables in the campus.  May the school administrator forgive us, but we also engrave our code names on top of the table really for fun and to affirm the feeling of as if we really own the table.

Well those were the days in our younger years.  It so funny to bring back the memories we have spent in our favorite hangout.  In fact, after so many years, I went back to the place.  As time passed, many tables had gone and replaced already.  While these patio tables had been changed and refurbished, our favorite table remains there under the big tree. Other patio tables may be more attractive than that. But whenever we visit the school, we are still longing to go to that specific table reminiscing happy memories.

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