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Motorised Treadmills – What Are The Different Types?

A motorised treadmill has the advantage of giving the same feelings that you would get from jogging outdoors, only at a much slower pace. This gives the jogging and walking experience more authenticity. But of course, it cannot be compared to the actual experience of jogging outdoors, where every motion is of a full speed. A motorised treadmill provides the jogging experience in a convenient and realistic way. They are fast becoming popular because of the convenience they offer over a regular treadmill. They are especially suitable for people who have busy lives and cannot find enough time to run outdoors.

There are two major types of motorised treadmills available in the market. The straight treadmill is an older type of treadmill that needs no power to move the wheels. Its flat running surface puts a greater strain on the user than a conventional motorised treadmill, making it unsuitable for beginners. However, it allows you to easily run in a natural, semi-circular motion on the smooth balls of your feet, as opposed to the rounded motion of a conventional treadmill. A disadvantage is that its speed can be slow when it's not moving.

An automatic treadmill is an advanced model that includes all the necessary hardware needed for it to work: a motor, a flywheel, belts, rollers and so on. These advanced models allow you to adjust the amount of speed that it runs at and burn more calories since it requires less physical effort, making it a good choice for weight loss workouts. The cost of these motorised treadmills is higher than the ordinary ones but their durability and functionality are worth the extra price.

When purchasing a motorised treadmill, you must choose between a vertical and a horizontal type. A motorised treadmill with a vertical belt uses a continuous speed mechanism, which means that it requires the user to press on a button to adjust the incline of the belt, from level to incline. A motor driven horizontal treadmill, on the other hand, uses a power-driven mechanism that allows the runner to adjust the running speed and the running inclination. The type you should choose depends on whether you want a constant speed or an incline running program. Constant speed motorised treadmills offer the best workout experience, since they can be programmed for both slow and steady speeds.

For certain types of exercises, you may need a power chair to support you. Power chairs are usually incorporated into motorised treadmills to provide support while you perform your exercise routine. A good quality electric treadmill will come with an adjustable incline that you can use to maintain the same incline level throughout your workout. To make sure that you don't have a difficult time getting used to your machine, it is advisable to practice in an empty room or somewhere where there are no distractions. You'll soon get the hang of using the machine in the privacy of your home.

To gain the most from your motorised treadmill workouts, it is important to do workouts that target different muscle groups. Most treadmills allow you to vary the incline of the belt by adjusting the force applied by the motor. Increasing force through your legs and into your arms will target different muscles in your body and doing such workouts will help you improve your fitness and strengthen your muscles at the same time. It's also important to perform workouts on motorised treadmills that allow you to change the speed of the motorised belt. If you frequently switch inclines, you'll burn more calories since your metabolism will increase.