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LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips For Financial Services Professionals

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to ignite your lead generation program. LinkedIn is a popular website for business professionals, with over 55 million members. LinkedIn, like all social media resources, requires discipline and a plan with a clear objective.

Your goal in this instance is to grow your contacts and become the "go-to" person for financial services questions. This article will help you get started on both of these goals. However, you can also click this link now to have the service of LinkedIn lead generation.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

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Make LinkedIn a part of your contact process:

You should make it second nature to collect business cards from your contacts and add them to a prospect list. Make it a habit of immediately sending a LinkedIn request. This will allow you to get the most out of LinkedIn. This shows your attention and often leads to an invitation being accepted immediately. When a prospect joins your network, they can see your status updates and receive alerts when your information has been updated. 

Add your website URL to your profile:

Signing up for LinkedIn will give you the option to add your website address as a profile item. This is a must. Here's a tip. Don't just use your homepage. Include the link to your free consultation squeeze page. Your squeeze page can transform your profile into a powerful lead-generation tool.

What should you do next?

Register for LinkedIn if you don't have one and then complete your profile using the tips discussed earlier. Next, take a look through your website to ensure there are pages that focus on capturing leads and offering compelling offers. Finally, make sure you have some time each week to get involved in the community.