Importance of proper maintenance of patio misters

There are patio misting systems used exclusively for cooling your patios. The fan misters are almost similar to the ordinary fans used at homes only difference being that they include the misting mechanism in them. The best part of mister system is that they have the ability to cool the home without much electricity consumption. This is a great relief compared to huge electricity utilization by the air conditioning units. Your patio will become a cool place to hang out as the process of mist evaporation releases a cooling effect.

Since the patio misting fans play the role of lifesaver on a hot day, it is important to perform simple maintenance to ensure that the mister keeps misting when the temperature sizzles. The mister systems are connected to a water source and there are high chances for debris, even bacteria and algae would be formed on the blades and very rapidly. So in order to keep the blades clean, make sure that the fan has been unplugged from its source and a damp cloth is used to wipe it. Also you can ensure the cleanliness of the fan by using a dish soap solution and diluted water to clean out any other unwanted material from the fan. Since you are using mild soap, it would not cause harm to any of the motorized part. After cleaning you can notice that the efficiency has increased.

The basic functioning of the patio misters is dependent on the water source and in order for the system to work properly, it is essential that the water source is completely secured and away from direct sunlight. If your fan is connected to a hose that is in direct contact with the sun, it can cause the water to become warm. This would in turn cause harm to the mister and increase the potential for bacteria to be spread to spread to your patio. For getting long lasting results, make sure to keep the water source in the shade and cover it.

Water reaches the fan misters after passing through filters. So it becomes important to change or clean the filter for health purposes. Cleaning the filter also increases the efficiency of mechanical purposes. If the filter is not clean, it may cause problems thereby hindering the cooling process. These filters are different for each patio misting fans. So you need to make sure that you get the right filter replacement.

The patio misters would not be needed for the year long. So once you don’t need the equipment, it is better to unplug your fan misters and keep it safe. This is important to prevent the fan from voltage fluctuation problems and also can save some money on electric bills. Remember that electric flow reaches the fan even if the appliance is turned off and may add to the consumption.

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