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How to Use a Patient Slide Sheet

The patient slide is an important element for the nursing staff. They are designed to move, relocate, and reposition patients without lifting them from anywhere, such as a bed. They are key to patient mobility.

Most foil sheets work individually. They are folded in half, resulting in two "layers" that slide easily over each other. With the patient lying on the top "layer" they can be easily shifted as the sheet slides off on its own. Several sliding plates work in pairs: one stays at the bottom to act as a "base layer" without rubbing against the movable top plate. For older patients, foil pairs can also be useful, as the foil does not have to be folded in half. You can buy sliding sheets for disabled patient transfer via Lisclare online.

The sliding plates are very smooth and have minimal friction to ensure that they move easily and there is no friction burn or other discomfort to the patient. Their designs are designed to make the process as fast and efficient as possible. They make movement safer, easier and more comfortable for patients and caregivers.

Slides should always be used by two caregivers – they need both sides of the patient to ensure they are secure during repositioning.

Fold the foil sheet in half. This is so that one half can be pushed into the other with the patient on top. Alternatively, if you have two sheets of tinfoil for one sheet, simply place one sheet on top of the other instead of folding it. Place the sliding sheet on the bed.