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How to Use a Gas Mask

A gas mask will be a great safety equipment. It will determine life or death in different situations. There are various styles of gas masks that can be used for various applications. You can find a wide range of gas masks including military gas masks, nato gas masks as well as Israeli M-15 gas mask with NATO filter.

But there is an easy set of instructions that can be applied to most gas masks. The gas mask will help you to preserve the good health and also be a lifesaver if it is used properly. If it is not used properly, the mask will give a false sense of safety and also will not do what it is interesting to do.

A gas mask is only half of the safety system. Another half is an air filter cartridge that has to be selected by a potential hazard. Some cartridges can work under almost all the potential hazards. You need to always look for the rating of a cartridge before you are going to choose in using it. Ensure that it will work for the application.

It is very important to get the proper size of the gas mask. The right mask is really important. If a mask will not fit your face, it will not work correctly. It may allow the gasses in getting past the sides of a mask and also harm you.