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How To Repair and Care For Your Refrigerator

Regular maintenance of your refrigerator can extend the life of your refrigerator and prevent expensive road repairs. Capacitor windings must be cleaned once a year. You can purchase an automatic spool cleaner or use a vacuum cleaner to clean the coils. If you own a restaurant then you can now also easily look for the best restaurant cooler gaskets via

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If you have a self-defrosting refrigerator, the drain system should be cleaned regularly. Disconnect the drain hole and attach the drain with a cable. Rinse the pipe with water and wash the drain pan with soap and water. 

When removing the drip pan, check for cracks and make sure it is in good condition. Change following things if necessary:- 

First check the temperature and make sure it is set properly. If the fridge continues to run, it may need to be thawed. Clean the dirty capacitor coil.

Poor cooling and rapid frost formation are signs that the door seal is leaking. The door should be flat and tilted back slightly to ensure a tight seal. To reach the height of the refrigerator, support the front with a piece of wood. Turn the adjustment screw flat.

If your refrigerator door is loose, you can adjust the hinges on the top of the door. If there is a cap on the cover, remove and loosen the hinge screw. Place the door where you want it and tighten the screws again. 

If your fridge is not side by side, you may need to remove the freezer door to access the fridge hinges. Then check the seal. Ensure that the door does not fall off before changing the refrigerator compartment seal. Check the old gasket for cracks, leaks or wear. If the seal leaks, it must be replaced.