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How to Choose an SEO Service

You'll find a lot of technical services and offerings when you search for SEO companies online. A search for SEO services on Google will often return more relevant results. However, it is worth learning how to interview each company.

These are some simple tips to help you find the right SEO company.

If you're looking to have SEO services performed on your website, beware of the companies that offer to submit your site to search engines. Search engine submissions in and of themselves are a poor SEO practice and can cause more harm than good. It's much better to have the search engines find your website naturally rather than submitting it.

Submissions to the search engine directory can be beneficial. These submissions are not the same as direct submissions. It is better for Google to find you naturally than for you to tell them that you exist. When you ask an SEO specialist whether they will submit your site to search engines OR directories, keep this in mind. While directory submissions can be a good idea, they are not as effective as search engine submissions.

Ask your SEO specialist whether they will be creating site maps. Although sitemaps are good practice, the new Google standard is.xml. You should interview other SEO specialists if your SEO specialist doesn't talk about sitemaps in.xml format.