Garden Table and Chairs An Elegant Look to your Garden

Garden Table & Chairs are meant for picnics, parties, family vacations, sea beaches or any out door public gathering where people can sit and enjoy their good times. Garden table and garden chairs are also used in marriage halls, open air restaurants, entertainment parks, public parks and any open air activity where people can sit and relax. In the Patio furniture set, one table can accommodate 4, 6 or even 8 chairs. The tables also contain an umbrella which is useful in harmful sun ray protection. garden table and chairs are used in backyards of houses where people sit back and enjoy their cup of tea in the evening relaxing and de-stressing themselves after a hectic day of work with fresh air and lush green environment.

There are so many varieties available for garden table and garden chairs in market today. They are of different types, different sizes, different designs and colors, and different price, suiting all kinds of people with different preference including budget.

Due to advanced techniques and innovative materials used in garden table and chairs, furniture makers adopt them to offer vast range of products to their buyers. The materials used these days are Iron, Ply wood, Plastic in various forms, Palm stems, bamboo, Aluminium and synthetic resin. Use of teakwood in making garden table and chairs is getting obsolete now due to increasing price of good quality teak. Selection of the material used in the making of garden furniture depend on the factors such as Cost, Durability, Maintenance cost, Ability of the material to sustain tough weather and the mobility.

Use of garden table and chairs made of plastic in various forms is popular these days because plastic, in any form, is weather resistant. It is light weight hence easy to handle and move from one place to another. This requires minimum or even no maintenance and lasts very long. The most important factor is cost. Plastic made furniture is less costly compared to the ones made of wood or metal. They are available in attractive designs, shapes and color shades fitting your home decoration.

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