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Enhance the value of existing apps With IBM I Modernization

Today, for organizations, IBM I modernization has served successfully on the basis of their business operations. Application modernization comes in various shapes and it is not easy to know where to start. This technology is a strong software system that allows teams to innovate using the latest technologies. You can also check IBM I application modernization via   

LANSA is a low-code development platform that will equip your team with more speed, and control over your development projects while minimizing risk and overspending. LANSA is an integrated family of high-performance products for developers in designing web applications. 

LANSA IBM I modernization is an integrated development environment for creating mobile software applications, desktop applications that can be deployed on cloud, Linux, and IBM I server platforms. With LANSA, you will be able to get a single platform to tackle all your tactical and strategic goals:

  • It grants the ability to create new features & services. IBM I modernization provides businesses with new features and services that better align with your business’s current state and future goals.
  • It Improves the productivity of employees
  • Enhances overall customer experience

LANSA’s IBM I modernization low-code development platform allows application creators to focus on user experience and business processes rather than traditional language development and manual coding module layouts. With the help of this technology, the developers and software professionals will be able to build applications at the same time.