Do It Yourself Garden And Patio Landscaping

A patio in home is really a wonderful & amazing idea to give your home unique look & beautiful look a well. Patios are really good spot in your garden whenever you have a meetings or parties with your friends. All construction of patio by you will result in more satisfying, judicious & comfortable spot in garden. You can also add few accessories to give your patio more enhanced look.

Garden hose, hammer, wheel barrow, rakes, wooden floats, portable cement mixer stakes, shovels, saw & floor leveler are necessary tools needed for the patio’s construction.

Sand, concrete mix, masking tape, gravels, string, common nails, cedar, cement, lumbers & red wood stock are the basic material for patio’s processing. You can complete 10 ft sq area in 2 days, if you are building on full fledge basis. Basically, it is area according to which time is taken in completing construction.

Select the spot for patio in garden. It would be good if it is shady one & breeze is always there. Once the spot is selected start your work.

The outline of patio’s frame will be made up of wood. Before starting the work, sketch the size & shape on paper to give me more real look. Make the structure then begin to landscape around the patio.

Dig out the holes for plants about 4ft away from the patio’s border. After this you need to spread the layer of soil & fertilizer as well. This plantation near the patio will offer a pleasing look around it. Make sure that you select plant which blooms throughout the year like perennial flowers. Now water the holes & place some pot soil. You may choose flowers like wave petunia, azaleas because these are perennial & colorful. It is good idea to arrange them in a row in this way when they will grow they will give beautiful look. You can implant the flowers alternatively, in this way they will give you great pattern of colors.

After completion of previous steps it is time to decorate patio with artificial structures. Statues are just perfect if you want to give your garden a continental look. You can hang wind chimes on the tree those are close to patio. Outdoor lighting special effects will also be really good effect on patio. These lights will also be great when you will have g2g at your house. Whole environment will be great near the patio because of the soothing fragrance of flowers, & tune of wind chimes & creative effect of lighting. This will give a great swing to your mood & this would be the greatest spot in your house to spend time with loved ones.

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