Do It Yourself Garden And Patio Landscaping

A patio in the garden is indeed an exciting idea to make your home look beautiful. Its a valuable and wonderful addition to the house. Patio is the place where the inmates of the family can have a get together and relax during the week ends and holidays. Building it all by your self would be more sensible and satisfying. You also need to add few accessories to your patio to make it more comfortable and give a pleasing nature.

To build a patio in your home garden you need the following tools – measuring rulers, stakes, hammer, shovels, wheel barrow, saw, rakes, garden hose, floor leveler, wooden float, broom, and portable cement mixer.

The basic material required for process is string, gravels, lumbers, masking tape, common nails, gravel, concrete mix, cement, sand, cedar, and red wood stock. If you are working on full fledge basis the construction could be completed with in two days for a 10 feet square area. Actually the time for the construction depends on the size of the area.

Choose the location of the patio in the garden. A shady slope less area with good flow of breeze is a good choice for constructing the patio. Once the place of the patio is finalized lets start our work.

A patio is constructed in a grid like structure framed with wood. Draft a sketch of the patio and finalize the shape and size of the patio. Then start building the structure of the patio. Now start landscaping around the patio.

To put plants around the patio start digging holes around the border of the patio. The holes should four feet far from the patio. Now put one layer of soil and manure into those digs. Planting flower plants around the patio will give a pleasant look to the structure. Perennial plants would be a fine idea as it blooms throughout the year. Now fill the holes with pot soil and water it time and then. All time blooming plants such as azaleas, wave petunia will give a colorful look to the patio.

You should arrange the plants in such a way that they grow in a row like structure one by one. The planting pattern can also be differentiated, by planting different plants alternatively. So when the plant blooms we would able to get different scheme and pattern of colors.

The next task is to dcor the patio with various artificial structures. You can arrange different statues in the patio to give a continental stylish look to the garden. In addition to this wind chimes of various sizes and shapes could be hung in the trees located near the patio. You can also add an outdoor lighting effect in the patio. By doing this you can use the patio for late night gatherings also.

Hence with the fragrance of fresh flowers, lingering of the wind chimes, creative lighting structure would make your family and friends gathering set the mood and make it more special. It’s sure that you and your loved ones would make it a point to always arrange the get together in your patios.

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