Designing a Family Garden

Designing a family garden is all about building a proper patio and a benevolent lawn area. Slabs will be a plus point for your garden. For the paving underneath the pergola, you can use circular pattern brick edged shingle, pavers, sets or simple bricks. You can use the same material for normally of square shape are used to construct the patio and the brick is used to cover the edges. This is so because; there is some angular cutting of the slabs due to which some pieces of the slabs acquire odd shape at the edges, therefore edging or use of brick becomes necessary. Make sure that the bricks you used for this purpose are of top quality and have well resistant against different weather conditions.

You can add some attractive features in your garden in the form of raised brick bed on the right side with sun loving herbs, shrubs and climbers to prosper. The entrance of the garden is made in the wall with a reasonable size of a gate under the pergola. The pergola is created with pressure treated timber, sawn and is about 1.2 m (7 feet) high to support the proper growth of the climbers. Normally no central support is required for pergolas made of cross timbers, as they are heavy enough and hold its place firmly. In that case adding a water feature in the center of the pergola the paving used to connect the pergola with the furthest end of the garden.

While setting up fences make sure that the shady area at the end of the garden is reserved for soft fruits and vegetables. Soft fruits and vegetables grow well in shades so utilize this area in a positive way. You can use a trellis with a screening of evergreen climbers to conceal this area from the view. Along side the gate would be the shed, which is used to store the general stuff, compost and garden rubbish. As the borders of the family gardens are quite narrow, maintenance would not be a problem.

An important point in designing any garden is the selection of plants according to the area of the garden. For instance, the southern boundary of the garden is shadier than other areas due to the fences. So, for those areas it is better to select the plants that are more shade tolerant, such as garrya, pyracantha, various viburnums, and chaenomeles. Similarly, for areas with more sunlight, select the plants that grow well under the light.

The back of the house normally faces the east, so it is important to choose the plants which are not soft and delicate, as they have to face the early morning thawing, which is extremely dreadful for shoots and blooms.

Trellis backed the border at the end of the garden and the pergola located on the right could be ideal for herbaceous flowers and annuals flowers. However, to keep the visual effect alive in the winter season, it is better to add some evergreen species like climbers or shrubs.

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