Deck and Patio – Container Gardening

Whether you have a massive deck or patio, or a small space for outdoor entertaining, you can create a stunning outdoor garden. With container gardening, any patio or deck can be transformed into a beautiful oasis for entertaining or simply relaxing. The use of pots, planters, and an array of containers make a huge difference in a small space. And containers are much easier to manage and replace than traditional gardens.

First, it’s important to choose containers that fit in well with your environment and that provide a healthy home for plants. It’s best to invest a little more money in quality containers rather than purchasing plastic or terracotta. Good quality containers will last for many years to come and they’ll come to life many times again as you add new plants. They give your outdoor space a feeling of warmth and add depth to the area.

Containers with wide openings to display plants are a good choice. They display well and are easy to manage when watering, pruning, and caring for your plants. Sunlight can cause damage to plastic quickly and discoloration and fading makes them less appealing. Terracotta pots are more difficult to manage in sunlight because they dry out easily and plants can become dry.

Great choices for patios or decks are glazed ceramic pots in different colors. Glazed ceramic pots are not only good for water retention and planting, but they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Just make sure they have drainage holes to avoid water becoming trapped in the soil and plants becoming over-watered and drowning.

If you opt for wooden containers to enhance your deck or patio, try redwood which is resistant to rot and they age well with weathering. Choosing wooden containers in a variety of shapes such as square, oblong, and round, adds a lot more variety to your home improvement project. Keep in mind that the larger the pot, the less likely it is to dry out and leave plants dry and brittle.

For container gardening to add to the value of your home and contribute to overall home improvement, it’s important to keep plants watered. If your deck or patio gets lots of sunlight, you’ll need to water more often. If the weather is humid, plants will need even more water. You can position them around the edge of your patio or deck so a sprinkler system contributes to the water they receive.

When considering a container garden to improve the exterior of your home, think about including pansies, petunias, geraniums, impatiens, periwinkle, or snapdragons. You can also consider alyssum, marigolds, and zinnias for more color. Seasonal ferns and other green plants add depth and beauty to your garden as well. But don’t assume that flowering plants are your only choice. Consider plants such as cherry tomatoes, blueberry bushes, and tiered strawberry plants depending on your geographic region.

Improving your deck or patio can be simple and inexpensive. Container gardening is one way to instantly create a beautiful and welcoming outdoor space without a lot of time or money. You’re just a step away from having an outdoor space you can enjoy for many years to come.

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