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Cannabis Use Is Associated With Faster Aging

Regular consumption of marijuana can harm the human body. Can cause poisoning in the lungs, brain, respiratory system, and reproductive system. To add to the list of problems caused by marijuana, a recent study claims that smoking marijuana can seriously damage the vascular system and lead to faster aging. You can get the best cannabis consulting services via

A study by researchers from the University of western found that long-term marijuana use can increase a person's biological age by up to 11 percent. This is mainly because prolonged marijuana use can stiffen arteries. For someone who is actually 30 years old, smoking marijuana can increase his biological age to 33 years.

Cannabis is made from the Cannabis Sativa plant, which, along with other related compounds, contains a powerful mind-altering chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The following groups were analyzed as part of this study:

  • 11 participants who only used marijuana

  • 504 participants, using tobacco

  • 144 participants who used a combination of marijuana and tobacco

  • 534 non-smoker participants

Respondents did not suffer from cardiovascular disease and had no acute exposure to heroin, alcohol, amphetamines, or methadone. After observing the participants over a five-year period, the researchers found that those addicted to marijuana aged faster than other groups, including tobacco users.

Long-term marijuana use affects the cardiovascular system

It is worrying that no studies have been conducted to investigate the long-term effects of marijuana use on the cardiovascular system, notes Reese. In addition, there are several studies around the world examining the long-term effects of smoking marijuana, he added.